Projet Permanent
Vientiane (nanyang village) , Laos


  • permanent
  • SOCI
  • G/LAO/CC2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 175.00 EUR


Open all year, starting on Mondays, every week, participation fee 175€ per week. Culture week mandatory: 280€ to start the programme

  • Code : G/LAO/CC2017
  • Dispo : 5M / 5F (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99




It is important for a school, temple, medical centre and other community facilities to have good buildings and facilities on the compound. Currently, some of the infrastructure of these community facilities in Laos are in a deplorable state. It is in these places where the participants can really make a difference for the local people of Laos with their construction and renovation projects. We allocate our participants where they are needed the most! Other project sites where we primarily help the local poor with the construction project are at local schools, local medical centres and temples. This improvement in life standard naturally has a positive influence on the mental well-being of the people affected by these renovations/ constructions. The project will be coordinated by the staff of the organization. The work assignments within this project could range from painting walls/buildings, restoration/upgrading of existing facilities, building walls, upgrading and restoring sanitation facilities, chairs and tables used in the schools/temples or the construction of new facilities/small buildings. A truly unforgettable and life-changing experience shall be gained through an authentic taste of Laotian culture. This will be in the form of daily interactions with Laotian people. Laotian people are very friendly and kind and they will enlighten your heart with their appreciation! Moreover, the participants in our projects originate from all over the world, which creates a nice cultural melting pot for cultural exchange and to make amazing new friends. Please provide us with a copy/scan of the participant’s passport and resumé and upload this inside the booking under ‘application file’ on the asiacamps.org booking system at least 2 weeks before arrival. These documents are required to register the participant with the Laotian authorities and to guarantee the project placement. The aim of this project is to support a local Laotion community by improving the facilities available to them whether it be in the form of renovation, building, gardening etc. This can be a truly rewarding experience when you realise how much your actions and help are positively impacting the lives of the members of the community.


Our center and sleeping accommodation is located inside an agriculture and development facility where Laotian farmers and Thai/Lao students get their training regarding sustainable agriculture and best practice. The accommodation/guesthouse has rooms which will be shared by 4 till 8 people on a single gender basis. Three meals during the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided and will generally take place at the accommodation and project site, unless stated otherwise. We offer a variety of Western and delicious Laotian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner accommodated by fruit. Please note that during the weekends only 2 meals per day are provided (brunch and dinner).


Nanyang Village (Ban Na Yang) is located 26 kilometers outside of Vientiane. In Nanyang Village, you will get a taste of ‘real’ rural Laos where you sometimes feel as though me stands still. The warm and welcoming people inside this area will make the stay for everybody a great and unique experience.This beautiful and peaceful location will provide with an authentic taste of Laos. The project locations and sleeping accommodation are located inside a local agriculture &development center in Nayang Village. Inside the village participants can find small groceries and local eateries for their snacks, drinks and other necessities. The closest ATM machine can be found on the main road to Vientiane, approximately 5 kilometers from the accommodation. Therefore we advise all participants to bring some local currency with them for personal expenses, although you don’t need a lot of money when you stay with us. Participants can exchange money or use the ATM at the airport when they arrive. Once a week we will provide a trip to Vientiane for all participants where they can visit the night market, mekong river, restaurants and touristic sites. At the accommodation where we stay you will find great sport facilities (volleyball court and soccer pitch), where the participants can enjoy some exercise. Near our accommodation in Nayang Village you will find a very nice big lake, temples and and authentic rural Laotian scenery. Because Vientiane is not far away, and many participants go there during the weekend, a little bit more about the capital as well. Vientiane is a laid-back, French-influenced city situated on the banks of the Mekong River near to the border of Thailand and may well be the cleanest city in the whole of Southeast Asia.With manicured roadside gardens, you will hardly believe you were in one of the poorest countries in the world. This ancient city, with a population of around 400.000 people, is very different from any other capital city in Southeast Asia. With its authentic Laotian and French colonial style, it truly is ‘a pearl at the Mekong! Although a guidebook will be able to talk you through everything that the city has to offer, here are a couple of ideas: Patuxai – Vientiane’s take on the Arc de Triomphe and their own victory monument. You can climb it to enjoy the panoramic views! Wat Si Muang – A Buddhist temple for those who want to absorb some religious culture. Night Market – Every night at the Mekong river, this is the place to be in the early evening for locals as well as tourists.


Open all year, starting on Mondays, arrival on Saturdays or Sundays and departure on Saturday morning, participation fee 175€ per week. Program runs Mon-Fri, (free weekends). Culture week mandatory: 280€ to start the programme. Reception at the airport at the arrival. Malaria precautions, mosquito repellent, towel(s)

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