Projet Permanent
Porto alegre , Brésil


  • permanent
  • KIDS
  • EDU
  • BRA-24/2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 370.00 EUR


Attention : les projets STEPS ICYE ne sont pas des chantiers de groupes. Le placement est individuel (ou à 2 ou 3 volontaires maxi), hébergement en famille. Arrivées les 1er lundi du mois, de mars à novembre.

  • Code : BRA-24/2017
  • Dispo : 3M / 2F (Total Part 5)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / POR
  • Age : 18 - 99


Centro de Cuidados São João Calábria is a philanthropic institution that has been, for over 40 years, investing in the needy children and teenagers of our society by providing them education and human formation based on the Christian values. Its main work is aimed at the needy families within the community, mostly living in a situation of extreme poverty.


The project receives every day children from 6 to 14 years old (project called SASE) offering homework support, recreational and sport activities and workshops; these kids study during the morning and attend the project in the afternoon or vice versa. It also has special programs for older kids – from 12 to 16 years old (maths and Portuguese support, informatics, sports, theatre) and for adolescents from 14 to 18 (preparation to enter in the work world). The children receive food, scholar assistance and attention, besides participating in pedagogical and recreational activities promoted by the educators. Volunteer tasks There are few educators, so the volunteer will be helping them in all daily activities (also to prepare the coffee break, if necessary) and games proposed to the children. The volunteers will be asked also to create and propose some new activities in the preferred areas: Recreational, Dance workshops, Music workshops, Computer workshops, Art workshops, Environment activities, Sports, cooking etc.


In Brazilian host families. Meals provided by the host family.


The project is located in Porto Alegre, which is the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the southern most state of Brazil. The city has a population of 1.500.000 inhabitants approximately, being very big and urbanized. Project is placed in the south part of the city, near to a green and rural area, the closest bus passes at about 15 minutes walking.


The project prefers that volunteers know basic Portuguese or at least the Spanish language to make things easier. Other important charateristics: To be open minded; to have high motivation and commitment; to be pro-active and dynamic; to be creative, being able to develop new activities, sometimes with limited resources, to have artistic, pedagogical or sport abilities; to create and to develop his/her own project according to the interests and skills. Minimum (weeks): 4 Maximum (weeks): 12

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