Projet Permanent
Tegucigalpa , Honduras


  • permanent
  • DISA
  • HON-10/2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 370.00 EUR


Volontariat de 4 à 16 semaines; frais supplémentaires de 370€ pour le 1er mois, puis 65€ par semaine. Placement individuel, programme ouvert toute l'année

  • Code : HON-10/2017
  • Dispo : 25M / 25F (Total Part 50)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ESP
  • Age : 18 - 99


ICYE Honduras


The “Asociación de Padres y Amigos de Niños y Jóvenes Especiales – APANJE (Association of Parents and Friends of Special Children and Youths)” is a special, private and non-profit school, established by parents and friends of children and youths with some sort of mental, sensorial and/or physical handicap. The school works only and mainly for the less privileged children and youths that have been rejected from a normal school and cannot afford paying any other kind of special education. The most common types of children and youths are mentally challenged, have Down syndrome, autism, speech and hearing difficulties, among other handicaps. The main aims of the project are to provide rehabilitation services to children and youths with a handicap, promote their well-being and incorporation into the society, preparing them for their autonomous life. The main activities developed within the project are: – Special education: the education given depends on the level of each child and youth; it is formal and non-formal education. – Medical, psychiatric and psychological attention. – Workshops: arts, computers, confection, etc. – Sport activities. – School for parents, family counselling. Volunteer tasks The volunteer could participate in any of the activities carried out in APANJE. He/she could support the in: – Assist the teachers’ lessons in the school’s special education system. – Assist the coordinators of the various workshops (making handicrafts, computer lessons, etc.). – Play and interact with the children and youths during leisure time. – The volunteer’s main task is to help the teachers and coordinators to create a friendly atmosphere, so the children and youths are willing to learn. Also, depending on the volunteer’s motivation and abilities, s/he would be able to conduct classes him/herself, therefore it will be necessary for the volunteer to be prepared with activities (the activities depends on the children’s and youths’ skills). Project available for January 2012.


Living with a host family.


Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Francisco Morazán


Age: Older than 18. Gender: Indifferent. Languages: Indifferent (basic Spanish would be an asset). Studies: It is preferable to have some knowledge and/or experience in people with disabilities. Abilities and Attitudes: Open-minded, communicative, motivated and creative to integrate oneself into the project, interest and lots of patience in working with disabled children and youths, responsible, capacity to give emotional support, skills that you can share and teach to the children and youths and take initiative. Religion: Indifferent.

ICYE Honduras was founded in 1981. The committee is run by former exchangees and volunteers. The national office, located in Tegucigalpa is run by a four-staff team.

Voluntary service placements include working with homeless and street children, disabled, children’s rights, homes for the elderly, sick or homeless people, health clinics, human rights organisations, indigenous groups, primary schools, youth organisations, and social projects in general. Attendance of university courses is allowed provided it does not interfere with voluntary service.

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