Projet Permanent
Rio de janeiro , Brésil


  • permanent
  • ART
  • LANG
  • BRA-57/2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 260.00 EUR


Durée minimale: 2 semaines - les projets STEPS ICYE ne sont pas des chantiers de groupes. Le placement est individuel (ou à 2 ou 3 volontaires maxi). Arrivées les 1er lundi du mois.

  • Code : BRA-57/2017
  • Dispo : 3M / 2F (Total Part 5)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / POR
  • Age : 18 - 40


"Instituto Tocando em você " (ITV) is a non-profit organization created in 2000, aiming to democratize cultural activities through educational, artistic, therapeutic, and professional interventions. In 2009, ITV has become one of the "Ponto de Cultura" (Cultural Venue) of the city Rio De Janeiro. Since then all of their arts programs have been offered for free to two hundred young people between 02-21 years. In addition, the organization has been working with artists who contribute to the development of the program. It is estimated that more than 5000 people among them artists and atendees participate on ITVs programming yearly. The project “Instituto Tocando em você” is located in a highly concentrated area of poor communities, called Grande Tijuca. This area displays clues for a huge social contrast between the middle class and the poor. In 29 communities (favelas) poor class representing 13% of the total population of this district. 64% of this population is younger than 39 years, and 30% are younger than 19 years old.This makes Tijuca a neighbourhood with a strong need for initiatives for the youth. Regarding the level of education, 32% have only primary education. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the institution “Tocando em você” offers to this socially excluded population convergent integration: culture, education, therapy and integration. ITV activities are given in classrooms in the institution as well as in the surrounding communities (favelas). ITV is committed to strengthening the community, emphasizing and expanding the skills of the local population, encouraging taking an active role and responsibility for their own development. The institution promotes social and cultural transformation through creation and development of multidisciplinary programs for low income communities of the neighbourhood, Tijuca. ITV target groups are children from 02 – 21 years with and without disabilities, and their families, including those with special needs. Furthermore, the ITV institution offers activities to adults and seniors through social movements, events, campaigns and projects. All minors entering our social projects are required to be registered and attend public school or to participate in our educational school reintegration program (Social ICU). The objective in the short and medium terms is to redirect them to attend classes at local regular schools.


In participating in the projects, volunteers will be able to work together with the youth of Rio de Janeiro. Instituto Tocando em Você has been in operation for 20 years, and the TVR offers its participants an opening to international social work and civic engagement, using the experience of the artists and social workers involved in the NGO. Volunteers will help to develop public education for everyone through arts and healing arts: after the first days in which they will know the work of the Insitution, they will be able to choose the field in which they can help. For example like in the following project placements: – Special kindergarten and primary school for children (2 to 10 years old): The school attends about 20 children with or without small learning difficulties. The main focus is on Arts workshops (dance, teathre, music, percussion…) and the staff gives special attention to the individual needs and habilities of the kids. – Educational and artistic project with young artists with disabilities(14-18 years old): The volunteer takes part in artistic activities proposed to ITV children WITH SMALL HANDICAP with and without disabilities. He or she works together with the teachers and artists of the NGO during the first month at the arts office. Then, with a better knowledge of the project participants, he or she should propose and develop an educational action in collaboration with ITV through an artistic activity. – Project of cultural and social production:The volunteer works with the “Cultural Production” sector within the NGO. He or she accompanies the ITV team in the pre- production, production and post-production phases to create cultural products. Thus, he or she participates in the management, organization and communication of ITV ?s social project. Preference for volunteers with knowledge in this area. Possibility to develope English classes for the public of ITV. 2 hours Portuguese classes a week are offered at the project


Volunteers are hosted in an apartment near the NGO where they work. This furnished apartment has a kitchen, a shared bathroom, a shared living room and a bedroom with double beds. The apartment can accommodate up to 8 TVR volunteers. The accommodation is located in a secure area of the city. ITV will provide 5 lunches per week, from Monday to Friday. All other meals are the volunteers own expenses.


The “Cidade Maravilhosa” ( Marvelous City) is the nickname of Rio de Janeiro. The beauty of Rio de Janeiro goes beyond imagination : no urban site in the world aligns such a succession of bays and beaches at the foot of steep mountains and the biggest urban forest of the word. But Rio de Janeiro is also extremely unequal – this is evident in its urban landscape where Favelas coexist alongside the rich neighborhoods and reveal deep social injustice.


Duration 2 – 12 weeks. Work from Monday to Friday, 35 hours total working time (one morning or afternoon free). The extra fee is 260€ for 2 weeks – 440 € for 4 weeks – The fee for an extra month is 330 € (even if it is only an extra week, it has to be paid the full month). You should love arts and have no problems in staying with disabled people. Reception at the airport at the arrival by a representative of the Brazilian ICYE comitee and an information meeting will be organised before you integrate the project. NB ; volunteers will have to pay a deposit of R$ 500,00 at the beginning of the stay that they will will get back at the end. It is a safety deposit because the appartment is fully equipped. Also there will be a small cleaning fee of max. R$50,00 per month.

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