Projet Permanent
Tegucigalpa , Honduras


  • permanent
  • DISA
  • HON-5/2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 370.00 EUR


Volontariat de 4 à 16 semaines; frais supplémentaires de 370€ pour le 1er mois, puis 65€ par semaine. Placement individuel, programme ouvert toute l'année

  • Code : HON-5/2017
  • Dispo : 25M / 25F (Total Part 50)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ESP
  • Age : 18 - 99


ICYE Honduras


“Casa Hogar Temporal BENCALETH (Temporary Home BENCALETH)” is a center that provides individual attention to physically and mentally disabled children and youths. Most of the children and youths present advanced cases of cerebral palsy. Approximately 20 children and youths from different ages (usually 4-17 years old) are living in the center, where they can attend school, receive physical and educational therapy and participate in different kinds of activities. The main aims are reached through: Physical therapy. Social Work. Psychology. Main Activities Some of the activities that Casa Hogar Temporal BENCALETH develops are: Recreational activities. Spiritual formation. Lessons in handcrafts, i.e. painting. Non-formal education. Physical therapy. Volunteer tasks The volunteer could participate in any of the activities carried out at the center. He/she could: -Give support to the educators. Teach subjects like art, sports and English. Accompany the children and youths to walks and visits. Help the trainers with physical rehabilitation; he/she will be trained and accompanied by a professional trainer. Organize any kind of activity to spend time with the children and youths. Project available for August and January


Living with a host family


Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, got its tongue-twisting name from the ancient indigenous dialect “Nahuatl” that means “silver mountain”. In effect, Tegucigalpa came to be during colonial times a mining center. “Tegus”, as its inhabitants affectionately call it, is a mixture of an old colonial city that has turned into the modern capital of Honduras.Its population is approximately 1,200,000 inhabitants. Tegucigalpa is a city with a very pleasant climate, nestled in a valley of about 3,000 ft. Its highest peak, the mountain “El Picacho”, is located at an elevation of 930 m above sea level. Getting around Tegucigalpa can be a confusing experience. Despite the colonial history of the city, it does not have the typical Spanish layout of square streets around the city. This is mostly that terrain around the city did not allow this. Nonetheless, Tegucigalpa is well connected to all parts of Honduras. Buses leave daily to all cities. After the capital had been switched back and forth between Comayagua and Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa became the permanent capital in 1880. In 1938 it was joined with its twin city Comayagüela to one governmental district, “Municipio del Distrito Central: M.D.C.”. Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela appear from far as one big city, but the “Grande” or “Choluteca” River divides the city, and as one comes closer one can tell the difference. While Tegucigalpa is the political and cultural centre of Honduras, Comayagüela is more commerce orientated; here one can find everything for good prices at the different markets. In Tegucigalpa, one can find many marginal areas in which unfortunately extreme poverty exists, mainly due to migration from rural areas which causes a high unemployment rate. One of the biggest problems of the city is street children.


Age: Older than 20 years old. Gender: Indifferent. Languages: Basic Spanish. Studies: Minimum high school degree, although advanced studies of some type are preferred. Studying or interest in studying a topic related to the job description. Abilities and Attitudes: Mature person, responsible, flexible and to have plenty of initiative. Religion: Indifferent.

ICYE Ghana was founded in 1978. It is an independent legally registered organisation with a national office with a three-staff team, located in Accra and active co-workers running the programmes throughout the country.

Voluntary service placements include day care centres for children, working with the disabled and with orphans, medical centres, health education projects, providing teaching aid in schools, and wildlife preservation. ICYE Ghana also offers a young professional programme for young teachers and nurses in schools and clinics.

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