Projet Permanent
Luserna san giovanni , Italie


  • permanent
  • ELDE
  • ITA-03/STEPS 2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 500.00 EUR


Volontariat de 4 à 12 semaines; frais supplémentaires de 500€ pour le 1er mois, puis 100€ par semaine. Placement individuel, ouvert toute l'année.

  • Code : ITA-03/STEPS 2017
  • Dispo : 5M / 5F (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ITA
  • Age : 18 - 99


The organization “ASILO VALDESE” is a member of the Valdese Church. It is a no profit organization which takes care of elderly people since more than 100 years. It is located in Luserna San Giovanni, near to Torino city. Asilo Valdese hosts about 150 persons, 85 of them are no self sufficient. Asilo Valdese is authorized from the local sanitary organization – ASL (local health authority) and collaborates with it for not self –sufficient people’s assistance. One of our projects’ aim is try to satisfy elders’ needs in the Pinerolo area, through: – Specialized centers fully equipped for the host of non-sufficient elder people; – Equipped residences for non-sufficient elder people; – Social assistance daily center; – Social canteen for disadvantaged people living in the area near the organization; – Laundry service for the elder people living in closer villages.


During the project the volunteers will have the following learning opportunities: • Linguistic learning opportunities through Italian language lessons; • Cultural Learning opportunities through the participation in different cultural events/activities and through visiting different interesting cultural places of Valpellice and Torino areas. • Professional learning opportunities. Inside Asilo the volunteer will be trained by a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist and an educator. They will provide volunteers with the necessary information about elderly main problems and he will show them the correct way to work with hosts. The presence of volunteers will bring to Asilo Valdese’s hosts the chance to live a unique intercultural experience. Moreover the new ideas and activities that the volunteer could bring and curry on will improve the quality of the whole Project. Another import aspect is the mutual enrichment and fruitful exchange coming from the meeting of Asilo’s staff with the international volunteers. Volunteers will support the staff within the following areas: recreational lab, day centre, physiotherapy, basic assistance, as described as follows: • Recreational activities (with social workers’ supervision) : cooperation in the management of the group activities like music activities, games, manual labs. During these activities the volunteer can help the hosts to improve their interactive capacities through the development of interpersonal relations. Volunteers will have the possibility to propose new ideas and activities connected with their skills and interest. • Physiotherapy (with the physiotherapists’ supervision): collaboration in the organization of the soft gym group activities, help the not self sufficient hosts during the walks and during the soft gym in order to improve their physical skills; • Daily centre (with the service managers supervision): collaboration in the different recreational activities (single or group ones) proposed in the daily centers. Going and come back with the hosts from their house to Asilo Valdese by a bus driven by a social worker. • Soft basic assistance (with the coordinator and the staff supervision). Cooperation during the meals and tea time for non-sufficient hosts. Help the staff in preparing some hosts and order their beds.


The volunteers accommodation is located 800 m far from the centre.


Asilo Valdese is settled in Luserna San Giovanni, A village of 8.000 inhabitants, 462 meters high in the pre-mountain area. The village is settled in Valpellice area, an Alpine Valley in Torino’s province (The Valpellices territory is a pre-alpine and alpine area and its name comes from its river called Pellice) In this valley which is close to the border of France 25.000 people are living, divided in 9 municipalities. Luserna San Giovanni is 50 km far away from Torino, 17 Km from Pinerolo and 200 Km from Milan.


Participation fee : 500€ for 4 weeks, 100€ per extra week, length of stay : 4 to 12 weeks maximim

The "Associazione per la formazione, gli scambi e le attività interculturali" -AFSAI was founded in 1958 as an independent, legally registered organisation. It joined ICYE in 1978. There is a national office in Rome plus regional groups run by co-workers, most of them former exchangees.

Voluntary service placements are mainly in the social work field, exceptionally may include environmental projects. Actual placements may be at kindergartens, in projects working with the disabled and the elderly, rehabilitation of drug-addicts.

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