Projet Permanent
Embakasi , Kenya


  • permanent
  • KIDS
  • KEN-48/2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 400.00 EUR


Volontariat de 4 à 16 semaines; frais supplémentaires de 400€ pour le 1er mois, puis 60€ par semaine. Placement individuel, programme ouvert toute l'année

  • Code : KEN-48/2017
  • Dispo : 3M / 2F (Total Part 5)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99




Brief description and main aims To provide a home for the homeless children and orphans in the slums of Soweto, Kayole and beyond. To provide food and clothing for the children. The need for food, clothing and shelter is ever increasing at Flomina which prompted the animal husbandry project. The project deals with chicken, rabbits and cows. The money generated from animal husbandry helps run the children home’s daily activities. Main Activities Providing food, clothing and shelter for the children. Caring for the children under the age of three who do not go to school. Animal husbandry which involves chicken, cows and rabbits. Volunteer tasks To help bathe, feed, play with and put to sleep the children below three years who do not go to school. The older children who live in the home attend school elsewhere in the community. To clean the rooms of the home and keep the compound tidy. To drop lunch to the various schools that the older children attend. To pick the children from school and help with their homework. To help clean the areas where the chicken, rabbits and cows are kept. To collect food for the animals. To help feed the animals. To help with any other activity initiated by the project. Duration Minimum (weeks) : 4 weeks. Maximum (weeks): 16 weeks. Additional info Bring modest official clothing since it is a school. Covered shoes preferable and also sleeping bags just in case of travelling.


The volunteer will stay with a host family that will provide board and lodge. The host family will be not far from the project.


Location Flomina Chidren Home is situated in Embakasi district 8 km from Jomo Kenyatta airport. It’s almost the centre from J.KI.A and Nairobi town which is our capital city. Flomina is based within Soweto slums in Kayole Estate in Nairobi where HIV/AIDS, Poverty, child abuse and negligence are on the high increase. Most inhabitants cannot afford education, food, medical care or shelter.


Volunteer requirements / Skills Basic English knowledge Punctual Organized Committed and reliable Tolerant. Volontariat de 4 à 16 semaines; frais supplémentaires de 400€ pour le 1er mois, puis 60€ par semaine. Placement individuel, programme ouvert toute l?année

The ICYE programme started in Kenya in 1989. ICYE Kenya is a registered NGO. It is composed of returnees, volunteers and a two-staff team working at the national office, located in Nairobi.

Voluntary service projects include assisting teachers in rural schools, working with the disabled, with street children, in the health service, on farms and in orphanages. Participants with professional skills like psychology, carpentry, typing, nursing, agriculture or languages might have access to other types of work placements.

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