Projet Permanent
General la madrid , Argentine


  • permanent
  • KIDS
  • EDU
  • G/ARG/YD2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 315.00 EUR


Open all year, starting on Mondays, see starting dates in description, participation fees 315€ per week. Cultur week mandatory to start program (385€)

  • Code : G/ARG/YD2017
  • Dispo : 5M / 5F (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ESP
  • Age : 18 - 99


Green Lion Argentina


Program Description – On this program you will be lending a hand to the Barracas Club, a sports oriented club set up by the local community to local teenagers and students. They are dedicated to improving their personal growth in various ways, mainly by offering them the opportunity to spend their free time off the streets and in valuable and structured sport and community classes. The club is run by members from the villagers in the community and gets funding from donations and fundraising. Their dedicated members even raise funds with handicraft and bake sales! You will be helping this great initiative in various ways. Expect to get involved in: – Sport lessons. Coach and train youth here in a variety of sport lessons. Typical favourites are football, volleyball, hockey and basketball, however you are welcome to share your knowledge of your unique sports from your home, or any sport you know well enough of! These lessons take place in the club’s field and/or gymnasium in the late afternoons after school. The class start from around 5 pm – 8 pm and can be 2-3 different classes depending on the ages of students. You can expect approximately 15 students per class. Please note that if you would like to teach a more unique sport not listed, you may need to bring sport equipment from your home country as we may not be able to find them here in Argentina! – English Lessons. During the mornings of this program, you will be helping teach basic English to local kids whose normal school classes take place in the afternoon. We recommend a conversational approach and using games, presentations and ice breakers to improve their speaking abilities! – Life Skills. We will also find time in your schedule to offer professional or practical lessons in various subjects such as art, cooking, photography, computer literacy, handicrafts etc. If you have any kind of suitable and helpful knowledge, we’re sure it will be appreciated! – Construction. The club may also need you help with some light renovation and construction or painting, depending on what is needed nearby. This is a great way for you to leave a physical mark on a growing community! — Aims &Objectives – Give you invaluable and practical experience in Coaching and Teaching. Improve the children’s motor skills, teamwork, outlook and fitness. Improve the village children’s educational prospects and widen their cultural interactions


As a homestay, you will be a guest in an intimate setting with your host family! A great way to get up close and experience the lives of the locals. Your hosts will be cleaning your room weekly, but you are expected to contribute in keeping a general tidiness around the home and your room. — Your hosts will be serving you from your home at the accommodation. The food will be typically local argentinian food that the family themselves would be eating!


General La Madrid is a town in the wider Buenos Aires Province about 5 hours away from the Buenos Aires township. Its calm surroundings are very relaxing and its quaint buildings have rich history. The area is surrounded by greenery and friendly faces and it’s a great place for anyone who does not like crowded places or those getting bored or stressed out by city life! — Being in a small town district, nearby to this facility you will find a range of facilities including: ATMs, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Mini-mart and supermarkets, Gym, Swimming pool — On your spare days we can recommend some nice ideas for day trips such as hiking up north of the city, where there is a famous local waterfall, or the beautiful beaches down south!


Ability and understanding of the sport you intend to coach, Knowledge of an appropriate life skill for youth, whom you will be asked to present to — Open all year, starting on Mondays, arrival on Sundays (between 9 and 18) and departure on Saturday morning. Participation fee 315 € per week. Culture week mandatory to start the program (385€). Program runs Mon-Fri, (free weekends). Reception at EZE (Ezeiza (Ministro Pistarini) International Airport) on Sundays.

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