01.Aug - 15.Aug 2017
Yenisakran , Turquie


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • SOCI
  • KIDS
  • GEN-22
Age minimum : 20
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : GEN-22
  • Dispo : 2M (Total Part 4)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / TUR
  • Age : 20 - 99


“My Dreams Are Being Realized” is a special 2 weeks project of GENCTUR, designed for two different disadvantaged children groups from orphanages aged 8-14. This camp is sponsored by external funds as well as the funds raised by GENCTUR through extra fees of the thematic camps. All accommodation and food expenses of the disadvantaged children are covered by funds. The project will be realized in Afacan Youth House ( www.afacan.de ). <BR> We are looking for communicative, talkative, active, children friendly volunteers who are at least 20 years old with some abilities on teaching basic English, any sports like basketball, volleyball, swimming, football, table tennis, etc., chess, arts &crafts, music, dance, drama, in &outdoor group games. Applicants will be interviewed by the camp managers via Skype. Thus, a motivation letter including the Skype ID should be send along with the application form. <BR> You will share the responsibilities of the leading team to take care a group of kids from the beginning till the end of the camp; including the trips outside of the camp as well as all kind of activities during the camp. Please note that you will be dealing with the kids through the given &intensive program all day long. You will spend most of your time with the kids in the camp area with a limited private life. Thus contact with the locals is very limited; however, you will have contact with the working people in the campsite. Volunteers may have fun together only after the kids go to the bed and the team cover the late, daily staff meeting in the camp. Leaving the camp area is not allowed due to unexpected emergency cases. Teamwork is very essential for this camp. Thus any volunteer who disagrees with the camp rules and team spirit are asked to leave. Smoking &drinking alcohol is not allowed during the camp at the campsite in front of the kids. Please be aware of the rules before applying.


Counselling a group of children aged between 8-14 years old, leading several activities for them.


A: In Afacan Youth House, in 2-3 bedded rooms with toilet and shower. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary. F: Will be supplied at the campsite. The counsellors will eat together with the group of children whom they are responsible for.


Yenisakran is by the Aegean Sea, in west of Turkey. Work camp site is safe and secure.


Volunteers must be at least 20 years old. A motivation letter with a pass size photo should complete your application form. Applicants will be interviewed by the camp manager via Skype for selection. Please add your Skype address on your motivation letter.

GENÇTUR ‘s work camps aim to create possibilities for young volunteers to meet young people from other cultures, learn about traditional way of life in Turkey, to improve their foreign languages, and to discover traditional Turkish hospitality and delicious Turkish food. Most of the camps are organized in small town or villages where are not touristy areas and where you can find the real side of the daily life.

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