01.Nov - 08.Nov 2017
Yenisakran , Turquie


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • MANU
  • AGRI
  • GEN-29
Age minimum : 35
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR


Work camp site is safe and secure.

  • Code : GEN-29
  • Dispo : 1M (Total Part 4)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / TUR
  • Age : 35 - 99


This workcamp is a special one for people over 35 years old. Afacan Youth House ( www.afacan.de )is a place where GENCTUR runs voluntary workcamps for disadvantaged youth and children, disabled people, teenagers and kids. In order to supply annual olive and olive oil stocks, the center will host volunteers to pick up and process olives from the garden.


Volunteers will collect olives from the trees, separate according to quality, pack, make stripes on olives, etc. There is a chance to see olive oil making process in a factory. As the youth center will be shut after this camp the volunteers will be asked to help to carry goods and some cleaning work as well as part of their daily work-


In the youth center, in double rooms with toilet and shower. F- Will be supplied at the center-


Yenisakran is by the Aegean Sea, in west of Turkey. The next city is Izmir. Work camp site is safe and secure.


+35 AGE

GENÇTUR ‘s work camps aim to create possibilities for young volunteers to meet young people from other cultures, learn about traditional way of life in Turkey, to improve their foreign languages, and to discover traditional Turkish hospitality and delicious Turkish food. Most of the camps are organized in small town or villages where are not touristy areas and where you can find the real side of the daily life.

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