01.Aug - 12.Aug 2017
Heure-en-famenne , Belgique


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • RENO
  • ENVI
  • JAVVA17/05
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : JAVVA17/05
  • Dispo : COMPLET (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / FRA
  • Age : 18 - 99


The Belgian Royal League for Bird Protection is an organisation founded in 1922 that works to promote conservation and protection of birds and the wider environment. Since 1997, The League has a aeurooeNature Centreaeuro in Namur Province. The centre hosts families, groups of youngsters and adults, organisations or schools willing to organise nature holidays, family holidays, study weekends, or any other activity related to nature and in a pleasant and relaxing environment.This beautiful domain of 15 ha is a natural reserve that counts not less than 559 plant species, 953 kinds of mushrooms, 203 spider species, 223 kinds of night butterflies, 50 kinds of day butterflies et 99 bird species. The centre propose different activitiesI : guided tours of the natural reserve, theme activities (birds, animal footprints, plants, biodiversity, beavers, beehives,…), farm village tour, natural cooking (dandelion jam, nettle soup,…). The rates of the stay are very democratic and all the incomes are entirely dedicated to nature conservation.More information (FR) on www.protectiondesoiseaux.be/jalna/


The aim of this workcamp is to renovate the aeurooeNature Centreaeuro which is surrounded by the natural reserve. More concretely, the work will be mainly dedicated to painting and renovation work. And if time allows it, they will carry out some work in the natural reserve, like to parks and some gardens maintenance: removing the over-grown grass…


Volunteers will sleep in a dormitory within the nature centre. Please bring a sleeping bag.Volunteers will be provided with a kitchen and they will cook their meals themselves.


This beautiful domain is located in a village called Heure, in the hollow of the green hills of Famenne. The village is located at about 10 km from Marche-en-Famenne and about 40 km of Namur, in the French-speaking part of Belgium. The centre of the village is located at 1 km. There is very little access to public transportation and there isnaeurot any store or bar in the area.


This workcamp is designed for nature lovers who are not afraid of outdoor work in an isolated place (no wifi). Please bring good working shoes and clothes as well as a raincoat in case of rainy weather. A project-related motivation letter is required.

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