22.Sep - 09.Oct 2017
SougnÉ-remouchamps , Belgique


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • RENO
  • SOCI
  • JAVVA17/10
Age minimum : 20
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : JAVVA17/10
  • Dispo : 4M / 1F (Total Part 8)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / FRA
  • Age : 20 - 99


The centre for asylum seekers in Nonceveux is one of the 24 reception centres managed by the Red Cross in Belgium. Asylum seekers come from Palestine, Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. They left their country for different reasons such as forced marriage, war, persecution due to religion, sexual orientation or political opinion. Many of them were separated from their family, and they found themselves without any resource or shelter. The Red Cross is mandated by the government for the reception of asylum seekers, and its work in this area adheres to its principles of humanity, independence and neutrality.The centres provide the following services : aeuro accommodation and foodaeuro necessary hygienic meansaeuro support and monitoring on the asylum procedureand social supportaeuro medical supportaeuro compulsory education for minorsaeuro cultural and sports activitiesThe centre aeurooeLaeuroAmblveaeuro – derived from the river along the centre – can host up to 218 residents. The centre hosts different kind of family situations: families, childless couples but mostly isolated persons and 33 unaccompanied minors. The infrastructure of the centre enable it to have, beside the usual accommodation facilities, some convivial areas such as a refectory, a library, TV lounges, a games library, a sports hall,…


The aim of this workcamp is not only to raise volunteersaeuro awareness about migration issues and enable them to have a personal approach to this topic, but also to bring a breath of fresh air to the residents of the centre.Volunteers will take part in the community life of the centre and their tasks will mainly consist of some renovation works within the centre but also the organisation of entertainment activities:aeuro Diverse renovation works will be carried out together with the technical team of the centre (for instance: renovation of some bedrooms, cleaning, painting, recycling workshops,…)aeuro Activities for the residents organized with the workers in order to understand better the way the centre works:Examples of activities: aeuro Sport competitions (badminton, indoor football,…) aeuro Cooking activity aeuro Entertainment activities for adults: board games, film club,… (depending of volunteersaeuro initiatives) aeuro Support to the games library aeuro After school homework help program (for children and teenagers of the centre) aeuro Walk in the wood


Volunteers will sleep in the available bedrooms within the centre. Showers and toilets will be provided.Volunteers will have their meals in the restaurant of the centre with the residents.If you have a special diet, please let us know in advance.


Nonceveux is a small village in the province of Lige, in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. The village is about 30 minutes away from the city of Lige. The centre is located along a river, aeurooelaeuroAmblveaeuro, and is surrounded by green hills. The centre is very isolated and there is very little access to public transportation.


Volunteers are asked to prove a certain interest for the topic of migration and to be willing to interact with asylum seekers. Experience in animation (games, song, entertainment activities, dance…) will be appreciated. A project-related motivation letter is required. Volunteers will have to respect the regulations of the centre. Alcohol is formally prohibited in the centre. The RedCross Trail for which the volunteers involvement is required will take place a saturday. Free days will be moved during the weeek.

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