03.Sep - 16.Sep 2017
Siegbach , Allemagne


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • MANU
  • PRO-TR-01
Age minimum : 16
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : PRO-TR-01
  • Dispo : 2M / 1F (Total Part 14)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 16 - 26


Host organisation is the Regional Government, depart. for Youth. For several years they have organised international volunteer camps already.


Participants are busy doing various manual works to help maintaining the area (youth-holiday-camp). It means for example clearing the place, painting, repairing, doing little forest work. Time of work will be 4-5 hours daily, excluding Saturday and Sunday.


Accommodation will be in little comfortable houses with bed-rooms. Kitchen, bathroom, showers and more rooms will be in the main building. Cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. will be done by the group itself.


Tringenstein is a little village in Hessen, approx. 100 km north of Frankfurt/Main. The next town is Dillenburg. The camp is located at the edge of village, almost in the forest.



prj: http://www.volontariat.org/cms/wp-content/themes/jeunesse/evet/css/maps_prj.png50.7397421 8.4195528
sta: http://www.volontariat.org/cms/wp-content/themes/jeunesse/evet/css/maps_sta.png50.7452841 8.2807631
air: http://www.volontariat.org/cms/wp-content/themes/jeunesse/evet/css/maps_air.png50.0483986 8.5706956
con: 39.145271 -75.418762