24.Jul - 04.Aug 2017
La rioja , Espagne


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • RENO
  • ARCH
  • SVIRI04-17
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : SVIRI04-17
  • Dispo : 3M / 4F (Total Part 7)
  • Langue du Projet : ESP / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 26


SVI (International Volunteering Service), is part of the Spanish Institute for Youth (Instituto de la Juventud-Injuve), a Public Institution dependent on the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, whose main purpose is to promote international volunteering projects and activities among youth people. The SVI coordinates the international work camps organized by the Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities in Spain, and is responsible for managing the exchange of available places between the Work Camps in Spain and the International Organizations.


Since this is a work camp focusing on an archaeological site, priority should be given to students of ancient sciences.


FOOD: Youth Hostel has a chef, who will be the responsible for the realization of lunch and dinner.


Day trips: Visit to Wine Cellar Forcada (ecological wine). Ignite deposit El Peladillo . Castle of Cornago. Popular parties of Cervera and Alfaro. Interpretation center and deposit of ingnitas of Igea. Adventure park of Lumbreras. Swamp El Rasillo with pedal boats. Visit tourist to Logro o and of pinchos by the Street Laurel and San Juan. As well as points of tourist interest of the town of Inestrillas as the adjacent ones, Aguilar and Arnedo. Deposit of ignites of Enciso and termal pools of Arnedillo and Pozo Largo.



Injuve, an Autonomous Department of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, has, for some years now, been promoting specific programmes which are aimed at increasing and favouring different travel possibilities for young people. This enables those under 30 years of age to become aware of other realities, visit other places and have access to other cultures.

Included among these programmes is one known as International Voluntary Service (SVI), which deals only with workcamps. These are aimed at youth between 18 and 26 years old and their main objectives are:

– To encourage conduct that will favour the exchange of ideas and young people’s global development. This is achieved by volunteering and from the contributions made by youth from their own experience. This strengthens intercultural learning processes, personal development and the reinforcement of democratic values.

– To integrate experiences, personal knowledge and the global development of youth in the carrying out of an activity, within the framework of voluntary service.
The Youth Institute co-ordinates the exchange of places for young Spaniards wanting to volunteer in foreign workcamps and foreigners wanting to volunteer in Spanish workcamps. The Spanish workcamps are managed by the Autonomous Regions.

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