12.Aug - 26.Aug 2017
Sur , Suisse


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • RENO
  • CONS
  • WS17AF
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : WS17AF
  • Dispo : 4M / 1F (Total Part 8)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / GER
  • Age : 18 - 99


Through the extensive use of the terraces around Alp Flix since hundreds of years, a unique moor- and cultural landscape with high-level moors, fens, hayfields and alp meadows has been formed. The nature park “Parc Ela” is managing a project in order to rebuild traditional dry stone walls. Alp Flix is moorland that is under national protection. It includes different protected fens and high-level moors in accordance with the federal law.


The volunteer-task is to repair and build dry stonewalls. Experts of dry stonewalls will show you how it’s done. Be aware that the work is physically demanding and you have to stay outdoors all the day.


Holiday house Tga Zia in the village Sur (GR) in the Parc Ela with dormitories and modern comfort. Volunteers have to prepare their meals themselves.


Volunteers live and work in a wonderful region of alpine moorlands in the Parc Ela. The village Sur is on 1500m altitude. Almost 500m higher is the working-place the Alp Flix where four families live the whole year. In summer 160 cows and cattle join them. –Transportation to the working-place by mini-bus. – You can reach the location by bus from Chur, Tiefencastel or St. Moritz to Bivio (or Sur). In their leisure time volunteers can go for a hike in the nearby region. The region is famous for hiking tourists. It’s also possible to visit the surroundings or small cities like St. Moritz or Chur.


Volunteers in this project need to be physically strong and have a certain skill for manual work. Normally the weather in August can be hot, but there could also be rainy and cold days on 2000m. The working time is 8 hours – extra day off per week because of this long working time. – It’s the perfect place for hikers and people who want to live a simple life in the wildness of the Swiss Alps.- The Workcamp is also open for asylum seekers!

Workcamp Switzerland was founded as an association in 2004. It is politically and confessional neutral. Workcamp is now (since November 2012) a full member of the international network “Alliance of European Voluntary Services Organisation”.

Since 2011 year Workcamp Switzerland wants to integrate people with any kind of social, physical or mental deficits. We experienced in our Workcamps that it’s a benefit for all participants to mix people with different backgrounds in a practical, non formal environment. For young adults with any kind of handicap the beneficial work can be a chance to get into a working process and to strengthen the self confidence. That’s why we open our projects for Volunteers with fewer opportunities and support the initiative “Access 4 All”.

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