30.Jul - 26.Aug 2017
Oberwil-lieli , Suisse


  • Moyen terme 3-6 mois
  • AGRI
  • WS17BH03_MTV
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : WS17BH03_MTV
  • Dispo : 1M / 1F (Total Part 2)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / GER
  • Age : 18 - 99


The Volunteers live and work on an organic farm cultivating vegetables. The main particularity of the farm is its Demeter philosophy. The farm can be seen as an agricultural hub, hosting projects like community-supported agriculture (CSA) and permaculture. Apart from long term trainees, the staff consists of permanent gardeners that work in an A4A context.


Volunteers are in charge of general garden work. Whilst at the beginning of the season planting is taking place, harvesting and preparing all different types of seasonal vegetables for the weekly market is the main work that has to be done during the hotter summer months. The Volunteers work 6-7 hours per day, two days in the week are off. The work is physically demanding and in the summer season it can get very hot.


The volunteers will stay in a caravan. Shared Toilets and showers are nearby as well as a communal room equipped with a kitchen. It’s a simple accommodation on the countryside with good access to downtown Zurich. Lunch will be prepared in the community kitchen where volunteers will eat together with staff and collaborators. The Volunteers will also help with cook-ing. Breakfast and dinner has to be prepared from the Volunteers. The food is vegetarian.


Lieli, a small suburban village is located in the midlands of central Switzerland. The lake of Zurich and the lake of Zug are about 15 km away. From Zurich it’s just about one hour to reach Basel, Bern and Luzern. In their leisure time volunteers can go for a walk in the nearby woods. The area is frequented by mountain-bikers and hiking tourists. The family running the farm is used to host visitors and is likely to take volunteers along, when they undertake occasional trips. As public transport is good, volunteers can visit Zurich and surroundings with ease – a good reason to enjoy nightlife.


Volunteers are working outdoors which can be physically demanding especially when the weather is harsh. They should bring along warm, robust working clothes, sun and rain protec-tion and working shoes. Applicants should be very interested in gardening work and agriculture. That’s why a motivation letter is required. It is a longer position for only two Volunteers per month without Campleader. One place is also open for asylum seekers.

Workcamp Switzerland was founded as an association in 2004. It is politically and confessional neutral. Workcamp is now (since November 2012) a full member of the international network “Alliance of European Voluntary Services Organisation”.

Since 2011 year Workcamp Switzerland wants to integrate people with any kind of social, physical or mental deficits. We experienced in our Workcamps that it’s a benefit for all participants to mix people with different backgrounds in a practical, non formal environment. For young adults with any kind of handicap the beneficial work can be a chance to get into a working process and to strengthen the self confidence. That’s why we open our projects for Volunteers with fewer opportunities and support the initiative “Access 4 All”.

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