09.Aug - 24.Aug 2017
Subotica , Serbie


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • RENO
  • ENVI
  • CULT
  • VSS35
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : VSS35
  • Dispo : 6M / 2F (Total Part 12)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99


Mini-Yugoslavia and Koncept EEE, are two NGOs from Subotica that created a special piece of land called the Park “Yugoland” in 2003. The territory represents the territory of the second Yugoslavia; during the era of Tito. The information tables introduce facts about the country at that time. There is also a small museum. The park is spread over more than 3 hectares with more than 4,000 trees. Why it is called the 4th Yugoslavia, you can read here: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC376C2_mini-yugoslavia?guid=b95f1978-2cd0-49f7-9fc2-511dab7a41d2. The most important reason why “Yugoland” was founded is the Yugo-nostalgia. The mission of the organisation is preserving the Yugoslav culture and tradition, promoting Brotherhood Unity of South Slav Nations, maintaining the tradition of important events and dates in the history of South Slavic people. The hosting organisation is also active in preserving biodiversity, planting trees, composting, promotion of renewable energy resources and sustainable development. Our actions are directed to strong public advocacy towards changing bad habits regarding the use of natural resources and in terms of dealing with waste.


This workcamp should contribute to the creation of a new touristic space in Park Yugoland – "Mini Yugoslavia – Open Air Museum". The idea is to provide tourists with interesting information about the history of the Yugoslavia, giving visitors an insight into the historical museum items. The volunteers will set up an exhibition inside the Park, draw on the walls and paint picnic benches, improve the greenspace &garden, make and install tourist information boards. The work will manual and with hand tools, mostly outside in shade and on fresh air!


It will be provided on site, in tents with mattresses &sleeping bags, with solar shower cabins. Food will be prepared for the volunteers by the host. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be provided in large quantities. We will encourage volunteers to get involved in cooking, so to share favourite home recipes and taste different cuisines.


The Park spreads on more than 3ha and has around 4000 trees. The town of Subotica is known for its rich cultural heritage, multicultural spirit, vibrant cultural events and good food. There will be an excursion to Subotica organised. There will be workshops on environmental protection. Airport: Belgrade, Budapest (HUN)


Volunteers need to bring sleeping bags.

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