21.Oct - 05.Nov 2017
Hanoi , Vietnam


  • BI/TRI (Groupe camp)
  • SOCI
  • VPV17-10
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 655.00 EUR


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  • Code : VPV17-10
  • Dispo : 3M / 6F (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 58


Thuy An Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children finds itself 13kms away from small town of Son Tay and 70kms from down town of Hanoi. Founded in 1976, the centre was originally opened for disabled children whose parents are the veterans infected with the Agent Orange, the toxic chemical used in American war. Over time, however, the centre has started to render its services to all disabled children. Thuy An Centre is a ‘campus’ housing up to 150 children and 50 staff. The children aged 0 to 18 suffering from mental or physical disabilities are helped in any of three ways, depending on their disability. 1. Rehabilitation: This consists of physical therapy, orthopaedic surgery (Galvanic electrolysis, ultrasound, laser acupuncture…), and backbone relaxation treatment and in providing for and assisting the children with the use of aid equipment. 2. Education / Vocational training: This consists of special education, integration education, vocational training such as sewing, wool knitting, embroidering and computer teaching. 3. Upbringing / Looking after: The children are well looked after by staff who are disciplined and efficient. The job requires high level of responsibility and self-discipline. The Centre receives financial support from the government as well as NGO’s and the occasional businessman. Though receiving assistance from various sources, there are still a constant need of help in infrastructure and finance. The ultimate goal of the centre is to help the children re- integrate into society. While special education helps to lessen the burden of children’s families by teaching the disabled to help themselves with personal activities, the vocational training programs enable handicapped children to earn their living and able to live independently in the future. There were thousands of children benefited from the education here and many of them have a stable job. The centre itself has five staff who were nursed and educated in this school and now they are helping the other unlucky children.


There are two type of work that volunteers can help the centre: manual outdoor work with gardens and renovation and socially indoor work with children. Physical work varies from time to time but mostly focusing on gardening. At the same time, volunteers can work in the rehabilitation room where handicapped children come to do exercises and have physical therapy. There are nurses and people from family taking care and helping kids but the presence of volunteers always bring great enjoyment to them all. Imagine how boring it is to practise kind of same thing everyday with the same equipment and same people. You may not have background and skills on physical therapy but you would bring smiles, encouragement to disadvantaged kids who are striving day by day for a better future. The classrooms for special education such as retardation class, basic education for deaf and mute children, the vocational classes where children learn to sew, do embroideries, wool knitting… are open for your initiatives. Working with kids here requires a lot of creativity and we can’t fix to do a certain thing for one group. Nevertheless, we plan this time to redecorate one or two room for special education classes. Please, bring some materials such as colour paper and stationeries if possible. We can let children draw and together with them to make their classrooms more lively. Again, be advised that it is hard to work with disabled children and you may not see the result in two weeks but keep in mind that what we are doing has special impact on children and local staff. Our former volunteers often use pictures, drawing, clay, games, CD and music to teach dancing. Finally, some of our volunteers did help children to take bath everyday, feeding them at mealtime. This would not be an easy thing to do but you are encouraged to challenge yourselves simply because it is a real experience working with the disadvantaged people. Our former volunteers assume that it was the most rewarding of all.


Volunteers will stay in the centre, sharing the large room within the group. There are mattress, bed sheet, mosquito net, blanket. You may bring your own sleeping bad if needed. The facilities are basic, but there will be a kitchen, a small dining room. Bathrooms and toilets are available. The centre arranges a cook to prepare meals for volunteers but the group need to help her in a rota. If you are vegetarian, please let us know in advance but anyway, don’t expect many dishes except vegetable, tofu and eggs. There is available washing machine for group. All food, local travel, accommodation and entrance tickets included. Volunteers will be accommodated shared room with bunk beds. No Air-conditioning. (Accommodation in a local hostel with air conditioners – about 30 minutes bus drive from the project – can be arranged at extra cost)


Coming to Vietnam means that you are to experience a slow-paced life. We start working early in the morning but have very long break at lunch time. Here at the centre, children get up about 6:00, breakfast at 6:30 and be at the class at 7:30 (winter schedule). Lunch at 11:30, have a nap till 13:30 and start the afternoon at 14:00. Working time for volunteers: – Morning: 8:30- 11:00 – Afternoon: 14:00- 16:30 Free time at lunch break, the evenings and weekends should be used for leisure activities within the group or with children. It can be used to build up a strong relation with local people.


Willingness to work with handicapped children (some are quite severe)

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