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Patta - bandh 173233, india , Inde


  • permanent
  • SOCI
  • EDU
  • RC-MTV-Health-05/18
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 360.00 EUR
  • Code : RC-MTV-Health-05/18
  • Dispo : 1M / 1F (Total Part 2)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG /
  • Age : 18 - 99


RUCHI is a not-for-profit organisation committed to community development since 1983.


Sanitation is a big problem in rural as well as urban slums in this mountainous area where there is no effective disposal system in practice. This affects their health and production capacity. The volunteers will help to educate and create awareness involving youth and rural people on water, sanitation, hygiene and health standards(WASH). The volunteers will have to be innovative so that they can design and use their own tools in consultation with RUCHI team with regard to their appropriateness and local needs. Following activities shall be undertaken by Volunteers:1.Developing a material and awareness campaign on WASH education.2.Implementing the campaign in community.3.Hosting workshop at local schools creating youth awareness on WASH.


This will be simple and shared accommodation. All volunteers will be staying in RUCHI complex accommodation with basic amenities. We shall provide mattresses but the volunteers are required to bring their own bed sheets, sleeping bags and personal toiletries.Food offered will be simple authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly cooked. Three meals a day will be served. Assistance while cooking is desired of volunteers. Volunteers are free to cook meals of their country choice on every Sunday.


The slums around Baddi township have influenced sanitary conditions in the communities. In rural India open defecation is still prevalent. Even though the State Government has made it mandatory to build private toilets, the people are indifferent and unaware of the demerits and adverse impact on their health. Garbage disposal is another serious problem and adversely impacts environment and their health. A movement through education and campaigning on WASH needs to be built up. The project area will be 10 mountain villages around RUCHI office in Solan district, northern India.Leisure time opportunities offer visit to Rock Garden of international fame in Chandigarh and Shimla Hills.


Volunteers with interest in sanitation and waste disposal are welcome.

Presently, RUCHI head office is located in a new complex called the Technology Resource Centre (TRC). The office a centre of technology transfer came into force, in the year 1994 as an extension program of CAPART, of the Ministry of Rural Development. The objective is to promote, develop and modify the rural technologies. Situated in the hills of Solan district in Bandh village, this centre has been the hub of all activities.

RUCHI has focused through the years on promoting sustainable anthropocentric development through empowerment – by providing assistance and technical support to the underprivileged, showing them the way to minimize dependence and thus attain a better life – rather than just through charity. RUCHI’s founders felt there was a need for a committed workforce to initiate the process of development at the grassroots level, encouraging individual and community participation in the process.

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