Projet Permanent
Hanoi , Vietnam


  • permanent
  • SOCI
  • VPV18
Age minimum : 22
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR


The program fee is 400USD for the first 2 weeks and 100USD for each week after. This is to cover pick-up, orientation, food and accommodation, transportation to work as well as regular support from VPV team. Lisez les informations spécifiques

  • Code : VPV18
  • Dispo : 2M / 2F (Total Part 4)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 22 - 99


These projects include the placements at local non-govermental organizations (NGO) or social enterprises. Some of these organizations that often host international volunteers from VPV are the Center for Education and Development (CED), the Center for Environment and Community Assest Development (CECAD), the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), the Volunteers for Education Organization (VEO), and the Dao’s Care. Main Aims and Activities The main aim of these projects is to offer volunteers the chances to learn more about socio-ecomomic issues of Vietnam and how an organization is structured and functioned. Volunteers will also have the opportunities to directly or indirectly contribute to specific development projects in Vietnam.


Volunteers should stay for a minimum duration of 12 weeks. Depending on specific organizations, volunteers’ tasks may differ. Some common tasks include: – Helping with administrative work (translating, proof-reading, editing documents ) – Assisting in communication tools and strategy for the organizations (improving website, enhancing the effectiveness of social media, designing brochure, leaflet ) – Working on specific projects with the local team (doing field trips, researches, implementing projects ) – Doing fund-raising for specific projects – Writing proposals for new projects or for fund-raising purpose.


Volunteers will stay in a dormitory with rooms shared with other volunteers. Living conditions will be Vietnamese standard with separate bathroom, single bed with mattress. Food will be provided at accommodation. Meals will be mostly local food, which vary from the daily cooking schedule. During working days, volunteers may either have lunch outside or eat with the staff at Hope Centre. They have to inform the cook at the centre one day in advance if they want to eat there. Volunteres can also come back to eat at the volunteer house.


Volunteers work at office of the local organizations, which are mainly in Hanoi. Sometimes, when required, volunteers travel to project sites or do some filed trips with local staff. Travel to work: depending on location of each specific organization, the travel may take between 40 minutes to 1 hour by bus.


– Have strong interest in development work – Have bachelor degree in development and relevant fields – Excellent written and spoken English – Be proactive and open minded – Be friendly, creative and flexible Additionally, volunteers will need to bring a laptop for work.

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