29.Sep - 04.Dec 2017
Higurakgoda , Sri lanka

POLO L 17-4

  • Moyen terme 3-6 mois
  • EDU
  • NICE/17/16/PoloL04
Age minimum : 20
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 780.00 USD


780 USD - While feeling the hospitality and culture, share your English knowledge with community

  • Code : NICE/17/16/PoloL04
  • Dispo : 1M / 1F (Total Part 1)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 20 - 60


Thi s project i s organi zed by the SLHDF in the firs t time with GV4GF and volunteers are going to this area also in the first time. There are two paddy farming seasons in here and when there are no paddy fields works , most of farmers are working as unskilled labours . Partner organization has been working since 2002 in a various sectors but this is the first time they are going to work with international volunteers . Working with volunteers will make a kind of positive changes on their lives and way of their thinking, we expect. Visiting volunteers encourage them to learn English and giving an opportunity to use their language skills with volunteers . Communi ty can learn and experience the nature of the developed countries and their life style, that they cannot experienced in their lives .


Mainly teaching Engl i sh to vi l lage youths and adul ts us ing practical way. It could be a s tory tel l ing, speech, e xpe di ti on, rol e pl a y or a ga me . You ca n joi n wi th the Wome n’s group work a s a n obs e rve r a nd the i r othe r activi ties . Fi rs t you have to make an activi ty plan. If you profes s ion or ski l led about any related ski l l s , you can perform them with village communi ty after di s cus sed with the group. End of the period you have to hand over a report of your work completed your gains , comments and recommendations . — You have to work 5 days per week, at least 6 hours per day. You have to work one weekend day according to request of school children. Your two free days you can arrange as two consecutive days or different two days . — Study Theme : You can join with SLHDF’s community activities. Micro financing, organic home garden, environment conservation, Children’s programs.


Village house with a hos t fami ly, located close to nice paddy fields . Food is provided. There is electricity and mobile phones are working. But no internet or WiFi . You cant use toilet papers here . You have to wash your cloths by hand.


Polonnaruwa is the second ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka and declared as a world heritage site. Lots of ruins are still there including stone carvings, palaces, temples, pagodas, shrines, parks and lakes etc. and most of them are more than 1100 years old. Total area is religious and thousand of pilgrimages visiting daily and for religious ceremonies. Lots of ruins still can be seen 27km around the city. Polonnaruwa is another low population density area recorded 122 people per square Km. Project site is located 256km from Colombo. — You can visit to see some scenic, world heritage sites , historic as well as religious places . You can learn how to cook local meals and taste different fruits .


Good English, Speaking, reading and wri ting, High motivation to work with rural people, adapt/ respect to local culture and rules . Because they are very shy and backward because of their lifes tyle and lack of communication skills . Desirables are language skills of Sri Lankan, experience of travelling, some experience about organic agriculture, know some games for youths , chi ldren etc. Good health. No any kind of drugs , alcohol or smoking during the project period. We are not eating beef and pork.. — 780 USD — From Negombo to Colombo about 1 hour (by expres s way) and from Colombo to project i s about 6 hours by bus . But we meet at the Negombo bus terminal and travel together to project site.

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