06.Oct - 09.Oct 2017
Ishikawa , Japon


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • MANU
  • AGRI
  • NICE-17-VS26
Age minimum : 16
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 10000.00 JPY


10,000 JPY to be paid on your arrivals. -- Revive the abondon, but beautiful village by maintenance of the forests and fields. You can enjoy very beautiful Japanese nature and culture!

  • Code : NICE-17-VS26
  • Dispo : 7M / 6F (Total Part 13)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 16 - 99


NICE have been organized together with Shizentaiken Ozuchi Mura since 2013, founded by local people to keep the Japanese original landscape. There were 140 inhabitants with 20 houses in 1916, but now only 2 people live there! Still 10 houses are remained and the area was designated as Nation?s Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. This group try to improve this depopulation situation by young voluntary power. Votunteers have been tryed to (1)agriculture, (2)maintain the forest, (3)organize the event of culture exchange for local people and (4)exchange of ideas for improvement regional development though workcamps.


We will do various work to activate Ozuchi village and preserve their culture and nature. Main works are (1) harvesting rice and manitain rice fields,(2) maintaining vegetables’ fields for sustainable life. And do some other work for the community. — Volunteers get knowledge about actions for developing local village. Also the basic knowledge of the Japanese language and local culture. — Study theme : Revival of the abandon villages.


Renovated house (Japanese traditional house!). Simple shower room. Clean toilet.You don?t need to bring your sleeping bag. Volunteers prepare the meals by themselves. Wi-fi, Internet and mobile cannot connected.


The southwest part of Ishikawa prefecture. Ozuchi village is surrounded by mountains, so very isolated, but beautiful place. Charcoal making was main industry. (https://goo.gl/maps/kPUu666yx292) — Exchange parties with local people, trekking and hot spring etc.


High motivation to work hard and simple life in the isolated area and respect to the local culture and way of the local organization! Speaking Japanese language is welcomed! — Language : English — 10,000 JPY to be paid on your arrivals. — Komatsu airport is nearest.. From Osaka, It takes 3.5 hours by express train. From Tokyo (Narita/Haneda airport), 5 hours by express train/ 8 hours by night highway bus (You need to arrive at Tokyo by Friday morning and leave village from Monday afternoon.)

prj: http://www.volontariat.org/cms/wp-content/themes/jeunesse/evet/css/maps_prj.png36.5946816 136.6255726
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