Projet Permanent
Chisinau , Moldovie


  • permanent
  • SOCI
  • MOL29/2017
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 400.00 EUR


400 EUR one month, 100 EUR for every additional week. Minimum 2 weeks Maximum 16 weeks

  • Code : MOL29/2017
  • Dispo : 1M / 2F (Total Part 3)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99


The GENDERDOC-M Information Centre was founded on 8 May 1998 and is the only nongovernmental organisation actively advocating for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) in the Republic of Moldova. During its existence, GENDERDOC-M has implemented more than fifty projects of different scale. They aimed at the realisation of organisation’s strategic objectives in various periods of its developments. The achievement of results was carried out by raising society’s awareness about sexual orientation and gender identity, lobbying interests and rights of LGBT in the state structures and international organisations, strategic litigation, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, promoting healthy lifestyle, carrying out social and cultural events, providing psychological and legal counselling to community members, maintaining support groups (for transgender individuals, HIV-positive gay men, elderly gay men, and family and friends of LGBT), working with professional groups (psychologists, sociologists, journalists, police, medical workers), etc. Currently, GENDERDOC-M manages four programmes: Organisational Capacity Building Programme, LGBT Rights Lobby and Advocacy Programme, LGBT Community Development Programme, and LGBT Health Programme, as well as a volunteers’ movement. GENDERDOC-M carries out a number of activities in the areas of information dissemination, service provision, culture, social work, charity, and LGBT community development. In particular, the most recent activities that have been carried out by the organisation include environmental, social, cultural, and charity events that target LGBT people and Moldovan society more broadly.


The typical tasks for the volunteers that will be involved may include (but are not limited to) providing assistance in organising and carrying out activities for the LGBT community in and outside the office, editing/proofreading texts in English, providing assistance in maintaining and coordinating the LGBT youth website egali.md (the official affiliate of It Gets Better Project in Moldova), providing assistance in organising and carrying out of the two biggest events (Moldova Pride and Coming Out Days), as well as participation in other volunteer-run activities organised by the local LGBT volunteers. GENDERDOC-M can offer a volunteer the opportunity to gain experience in organising and carrying out events for LGBT people and other target groups, to work in Moldova’s only LGBT community-based and advocacy organisation and be part of a friendly, open and professional team. From GENDERDOC-M the volunteer can expect an induction training course on the situation of LGBT people in Moldova, possibility for personal and professional growth, and decent working conditions (a desk with a computer, access to necessary office supplies, etc).


There are different types of accommodation: 1/ A bedroom in the host family; 2/ A bedroom in a flat out side of the project where 2-6 volunteers live together. It depends on the availability of the places for the time of your application. – Volunteers receive food allowance


Project is situated in the suburb area of the capital of Moldova – Chisinau. Chisinau is the main administrative, economic, scientific and cultural centre of Moldova. The city has just over 700,000 inhabitants and the whole metropolitan area is roughly one million inhabitants. In terms of number of inhabitants, Chisinau is the largest city of the country. Chisinau is divided in five administrative sectors; Botanica, Buiucani, Center, Ciocana and Riscani. It is often referred to as the greenest city in Europe due to the high proportion of well maintained green spaces.


The volunteer will bring his/her experiences from another culture and the process of getting familiar with Moldovan society to the everyday work and life. — Check list –what you need to bring with you: Bed clothes and towels; Warm clothes and good, waterproof shoes in case of winter; Some information about your country: pictures, maps, books, coins, recipes, etc; Small gifts from your country to give to people in your host project. — 400 EUR one month, 100 EUR for every additional week. Minimum 2 week, Maximum 16 weeks

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