01.Aug - 14.Aug 2017
Kragujevac , Serbie


  • Junior
  • CULT
  • VSS40
Age minimum : 15
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 120.00 EUR


Participation fee : 120 EUR used for obtaining qualified coordinators for teen groups.

  • Code : VSS40
  • Dispo : 7M / 6F (Total Part 15)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 15 - 17


This workcamp is organized by the NGO “Interaktiv” from Kragujevac, the regional contact point of Young Researchers of Serbia for the promotion and organization of workcamps. The Association “Interaktiv” organizes workcamps since 2013. So far, four workcamps were organized, with the participation of more than 40 foreign and 30 local volunteers. The association is engaged in the development of youth activism and volunteering in the region of Central Serbia.


International Youth Day is traditionally organised in Kragujevac since 2009 with many cultural and social activities. The aim of celebrating this day is to promote the civic involvement of young people and their potential to make the world a better place. The theme of this year?s celebration of the Youth Day in Kragujevac is promotion of peace and friendship. The volunteers together with young people from Kragujevac will prepare and organize group of activities on the topic. Activities include preparing a photo exhibition as well as the short film about Kragujevac through the eyes of young people; designing, organizing and participating in a sport competition and entertaining games; creating a short artistic performance (forum theater, a teatar or roll play) with the theme of interculturality; musical and film programs. The event will be organized in the city center, on the open air stage of the Central Park. There will be photography workshops organised for the volunteers, as a support for preparation of the exhibition.


Volunteers will be accommodated in a fully equipped house. They will cook in teams of two with support of a local cook. Ingredients will be provided by the host.


Kragujevac is located in the region called Sumadija, in the Central Serbia, situated on the banks of the Lepenica River. It is the fourth biggest city in Serbia, the administrative centre of the Sumadija District. We will enjoy visits to museums and other places of interest and we will go to an excursion together. A workshop on volunteering and environmental protection will be organized as well.



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