20.Jul - 03.Aug 2017
Siracusa , Italie


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • ENVI
  • CULT
  • LEG31
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : LEG31
  • Dispo : 3M (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 35


The project aims at safeguarding and enhancing the environmental, historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the Hyblean Mountains, in Sicily; the workcamp will be organized in a territory very rich in history, culture and lush natural environment, an UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Necropolis of Pantalica and the nature reserve of Anapo Valley; -the activities will be held in the natural reserve area, in the archaeological areas of Pantalica and medieval Sortino and in the city centre. LEGAMBIENTE LOCAL GROUP: The local group Ecopolis was born in 2005 thanks to a group of young people that decided to fight against the lack of civic sense, the inadequacy of public policies, to improve the respect towards common goods and to raise the value of the natural and cultural heritage of the area. The group adopted the slogan “say by doing” and worked to give positive inspirations to the local community.


Volunteers will be involved in different activities: with locals they will clean up an abandoned area and build an enclosure around it in order to create a park dedicated to pets; they will cut grass, branches and bushes to open up a new path in the nature reserve guided by a worker of the Forest Department; they will promote the archaeological and nature areas of Pantalica, Anapo Valley and the Medieval Sortino working at the path system and welcoming tourists. STUDY PART: volunteers will attend a workshop on local handicraft held by an expert artisan and aimed at the realization of a traditional object.


Volunteers will be hosted in an old hermitage out of the city centre and self-managed. There is no internet and the water supply is limited. The diet will be vegetarian and arranged with local products.


The camp is organized in one of the most important prehistorical sites of Sicily: the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pantalica, in the Nature Reserve of river Anapo Valley. It is located in the area of Sortino, a small town on the Hyblean Mounts, near Syracuse, Noto and the whole baroque part of South-Eastern Sicily. The planned excursions will take into consideration the treasures of our area: natural reserves, archaeological sites, and of course our wonderful beaches.


No specific skills are required. Just keep in mind you will spend most of your time outdoor, immersed in the wild nature, so pay attention to insect bites or stings, especially if you are an allergy sufferer.

We have been organising a voluntary campaign for 19 years, promoting summer-camps in many protected areas both in Italy and abroad, with the aim of raising public awareness on environmental issues such as forest-fire or habitat degradation, collecting information on natural resources, promoting green tourism, developing sustainable economy, helping people to be more active for the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.
International workcamps, promoted by Legambiente, are part of the associations’ main campaigns and volunteers activities contribute to achieve the goals of each campaign.
The common aim of environmental work camps is to improve areas with a distinctive naturalistic and cultural feature and to help solving environmental emergencies of our country. The main activities volunteers carry out are related to paths maintenance or beaches and protected areas cleaning; furthermore, volunteers collaborate in fire prevention or raising awareness on environmental issues.
Some work camps are organized within the campaign “Carovana dell Alpi” (Caravan of Alps). This campaign, which was first organised in 2002, take a detailed picture of the entire alpine system, reports cases of environmental decay and evaluates experiences of sustainable development and ecological re-conversion of the economy. It also proposes the consolidation of the system of natural protected areas.
The aims of “Salvalarte” (Save the Art), carried out by volunteers, are to awake public opinion, promote the reclaim and restoration of monuments and art works that have been abandoned to decay.

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