16.Feb - 13.May 2018
Yoichi, hokkaido. , Japon


  • Moyen terme 3-6 mois
  • CONS
  • AGRI
  • NICE-LI-YO18-2
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 12000.00 JPY


Other activities: Joining the local festivals, communicating local people and farmers. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here)Participation fee: 12,000 yen per one month (6,000 yen from the 4th month) to be paid on their arrivals. There is no fee for vols. from the NGOs charging no fee in their LMTV projects to NICE vols.Other: Hosts often prepare foods, but you are also expected to cook and wash up together. If you want other foods what you like to eat, you need to buy yourself.

  • Code : NICE-LI-YO18-2
  • Dispo : COMPLET (Total Part 2)
  • Langue du Projet : JAP / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99


Organized together with Hokkaido Eco-village Promotion Project (HEPP). They start to promote "sustainability of our life style and community ", to create better environmental and social model for next generation in Hokkaido since 2012. They want to produce necessities that are needed for our daily life (foods, energy, etc.) by themselves as much as they can, and want to share them in local area. They provide various chances to learn comprehensive skill and knowledge by running courses and events for adults to kids. They also aim at connecting urban area and rural area, producers and consumers and to contribute local revitalization.


HEPP have more than dozen of volunteer workers from Japan and overseas. You are expected to do organic farming (cultivation, harvesting, weeding, thinning, chopping woods etc.) as well as house work. You will maintain a couple buildings in the site, keeping them clean, painting, taking care of compost and water treatment device, etc. They will also host young people from age of 9 to 18 from May to September. You will support kids programs by living, playing and working together. From December to March, we get 1.5m-high snow. We are not very active in snow season but welcome volunteers who help us for snow shoveling.


Shared room in the main house or a container house (male and female are separated), cooked as a group by turns. HEPP try to enjoy seasonal and local foods, basically vegetables and Japanese food, in order to practice ecological, healthy life style.


Agricultural country side, 60 km Northeast of Sapporo. Minus 10 degree in winter and 25-28 in summer.


Speaking good English is necessary. If you are motivated to learn Japanese, very welcome We have various kinds of visitors including groups of kids and school students. We welcome volunteers who like to play or communicate with kids. Trial week or skype interview is required. Skills of construction or agriculture can be useful and welcome

prj: http://www.volontariat.org/cms/wp-content/themes/jeunesse/evet/css/maps_prj.png43.1952319 140.7834674
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