Projet Permanent
Mawanella , Sri lanka


  • permanent
  • ENVI
  • ANI
  • G/LK/EE2018
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 350.00 EUR


Open all year, starting on Mondays, participation fee 350€ for 1 week, culture week mandatory to start the programme: 245 €.

  • Code : G/LK/EE2018
  • Dispo : 5M / 5F (Total Part 10)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 98


The Green Lion


Sri Lanka plays host to a sizeable population of elephants whose importance is magnified by the fact that the native elephants comprise a wholly separate sub species. The Sri Lankan authorities recognise the cultural and natural significance of elephants and are working assiduously to ensure the survival and health of both wild and domesticated elephants on the island. You will provide hands on assistance to the professional elephant keepers to ensure these beautiful animals live a life as close as possible to their wild relatives. You will bathe and wash the elephants daily, walk them through the forests to forage, clean their enclosure and learn all about these magnificent animals. The Elephant Experience enables you to spend time working with elephants and their handlers in their day to day activities. You will help the mahouts (elephant handlers) with their daily routines. This includes feeding the elephants, cleaning the elephants at the river, cleaning the elephant enclosures, find food for the elephants in the forest, assist the veterinary doctor to treat whenever elephants fall sick. You will also learn about elephants and learn some of elephant commands the mahouts use on a regular basis. The enormous satisfaction of directly helping to improve the quality of life of elephants by working hands-on with them, and knowing that you made a difference to them.


About the Accommodation : You will be accommodated in local houses (homestay), which are located closer to the project location. Under homestay, the available rooms can allocate 4-10 people on a single-gender basis. You will also have access to a shared bathroom with your roommates. Food Arrangements : You will be provided with three meals a day on weekdays and two meals per day on weekends. The meals are mainly Sri Lankan food, consisting mainly of vegetarian dishes including rice and vegetables. You can also eat out at any of the local restaurants.


Mawanella, which is located along the Colombo – Kandy road, is a town that belongs to Kegalle district. While the town area of Mawanella comprises some modern characteristics, the inner areas still depict rural nature. The locals living in the inner areas of Mawanella lead simple lifestyles. Mawanella is also a town with historical significance. Thus, it consists of many temples that are visited by the locals throughout the year.


Participants above the age of 65 should have medical clearance.

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