Projet Permanent
Agadir , Maroc


  • permanent
  • ELDE
  • MOR-18/2018
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 350.00 EUR


Volontariat de 2 à 16 semaines; frais supplémentaires de 350€ pour le 1er mois, puis 50€ par semaine. Placement individuel. Programme ouvert toute l'année. Pas d'admission durant le Ramadan.

  • Code : MOR-18/2018
  • Dispo : 25M / 25F (Total Part 50)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / FRA
  • Age : 18 - 99


ICYE Maroc


The Elderly Care Centre provides a home for approximately 50 elderly people. In Agadir and Inzgane there are over 900 abandoned old people living on the streets without families to care for them. They beg or sell cigarettes, asking for money and trinkets. They live a life of solitude and misery. This centre provides a loving home for them. They are able to live together and enjoy a sense of community. They receive proper medical, social and mental support. A staff of the Entraide nationale work on site. The centre offer care, attention and love to the residents. There is an established project involving many activities aimed to provide the elderly with social interaction. The volunteers are asked to: – Caring for the elderly people and offering them companionship. Human interaction is important as many of the residents feel neglected and isolated. – Organizing cultural activities and sports activities to improve the physical well-being of the elderly. Many of the elderly suffer from arthritis, back pains and lack of mobility. Volunteers are required to assist qualified staff in treating these problems. – If any of the volunteers are psychologists their main activity would be to help out in that area. – Help in preparing the menus for the elderly people. Working schedule: 6 hrs/ day


The participants lodge and eat in the elderly centre together with the residents.




– Flexibility, responsibility, patience, maturity. – Common sense. – A standard of spoken Fresh is required. – Strong motivation. – Be sociable so as to be able to work with elderly people. – Be able to initiate programs and initiatives according the above aims.

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