02.Oct - 22.Dec 2017
Tallinn , Estonie


  • Moyen terme 3-6 mois
  • KIDS
  • EST MTV 4
Age minimum : 20
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 150.00 EUR
  • Code : EST MTV 4
  • Dispo : 1M (Total Part 3)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / RUS
  • Age : 20 - 44


Project and Profile of the hosting organization The general aims of the Association of ALPS are: to introduce the young generation to a national and world cultural background, develop their creative potential through recognition of their individual creative abilities; to promote the idea of life-long learning in the language and culture area for children and adults; to support alternative and non-traditional teaching and learning projects; to develop multicultural mentality in the community supporting or running various informal educational programs in culture and languages; to open the possibility for teenagers to make their spare or vocational time interesting and helpful. The activities of ALPS are:running the ListenTwice Multicultural Youth Club for teenagers of 12 – 16+ years old where there can be three working languages: English, German, French or Spanish; organizing and holding International Summer Language Camps in Estonia for kids of 10 –12 y.o., teens of 13 –16+ y.o. in English, German, French, Spanish; organizing educational seminars on national, social and cultural subjects for teens; organizing and running cultural exchanges and informal study visits; taking part in international conferences, seminars, training activities in Estonia and abroad. ALPS target groups are youth aged 10 to 16+ and young adults. Short description of the project ALPS is organising and supporting alternative language programs for teenagers and adults. The objective of the project is the development of the Listen Twice Youth Club (LTYC) and International Camps (ILSC) through work in amateur film &drama studio and amateur art studio so that to: • integrate the multinational young people of Estonia and help them to make their way into European Community; • help the young people to broaden their horizons, develop their openness and tolerant mentality as well as individual team-working skills and abilities. The main tasks of the volunteer in this part of the project are: leading club sessions for teenagers and young adults providing them with creative guidance and helping them with ideas on their multicultural applied projects within the workshops on music and language of dance, amateur films and drama, philosophy of amateur art, etc.; working out the plan of activities for club members to be held while they are making their projects (e.g. lectures, seminars and rehearsals in the subject of their projects, festivals and competitions, work presentations, games, etc.); arranging their school year fests and outings like excursions, study visits, etc.


The main theme of the project is to support and develop multicultural club (LTYC) and international camps (ILSC) workshops being the leader of the teenagers’ cultural and applied projects. One of the main goals we want to reach is to make a real team work of two volunteers together. We think this mutual aim will lead us to a great benefit at the end of the project. We would propose to volunteers to hold the drama workshop as it is a part of hobbies of both volunteers. Included among the activities there can be amateur films production, photo sessions and exhibitions, making quizzes on culture or literature of Estonia and other countries, amateur art exhibitions, dance performances, visits to cultural funds and institutions, preparing and participation in youth exchanges, festivals, etc. These activities will be done on the basis of main topics explored at the club or camp sessions. The personal projects of the volunteers may include written set of leaflets, club album, creating a music or dance band or club music station, recording a film, amateur musical production involving teenagers into these activities, or others. ( It will depend on the volunteer’s interests and skills). It is important to understand that the volunteers are not the only responsible for the project. But the volunteers are the only responsible for the successful result of the workshops led by them. Still they are going to be supported by staffs that have already got ready-prepared samples of activities for teenagers. Besides, every Wednesday the volunteers will meet the project manager to discuss things concerning their work, helping each other with some preparations for a coming program, evaluating success of the projects, sharing minds, etc. The most important is that the volunteers are motivated and interested in meeting and working with young people, that they are able to do the job using some of the Club declared working languages, that they have the wish to share her mind and experience, and that they are ready to learn and be taught. The volunteers also should be prepared to a situation when they will need to do a lot of persistent recruiting work to gain and attract more teens to attend their Club session as just leaflets and bigger adverts on the wall or just several alive advertising might not be enough to make the teens feel they want to come and experience the club activities. Also, after fisrt meeting it is important to make the teens interested to come again – and this is one of the hardest task of the volunteers. So, it is good if the volunteers understand this and do not give up when they see nobody at the next Club session while at the first one there were 40-60 teens.


In the specially rented furnished apartments in the residential area of Tallinn. Apartment is shared with other volunteers or school teachers. All facilities are provided. No need for a sleeping bag (unless you want to travel in your free time).


Location The project is located in city centre of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. More information on www.tallinn.ee Leisure time There are a lot of possibilities for leisure time activities as camp takes place in the capital where one can find attractions for all tastes: sightseeing and museums, festivals, concerts, live music, pubs, etc. The camp provides an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with young Estonians and to experience the local life.


Special requirements You have to be really motivated to work with kids. Experience in work with children is an advantage. All interesting ideas of activities for kids, games etc. are welcomed. Please bring some materials, postcards, symbols of your country, posters, maps, music, etc. typical for your country. We expect active volunteers with excellent communication skills, good knowledge of history and culture of their country and ability to present it. Motivation letter is required. Good level of English is required. The minimum age of volunteers is 20. CONDITIONS Accommodation is provided as well as food money will be given by the project. Monthly card for local transport in Tallinn will be provided. Project participation fee is 150 Euro for the whole period of stay. NB! It is possible to adapt the project dates your availability dates, however the minimum period of stay is 2 months.

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