Projet Permanent
Cebu city , Philippines


  • permanent
  • EDU
  • PHL-34/2018
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 350.00 EUR


Participation : 4 semaines à 16 semaines. Frais supplémentaires : 350 € pour 4 semaines, 75 € pour chaque semaine additionnelle. Le projet est ouvert toute l’année, la date d’arrivée est libre.

  • Code : PHL-34/2018
  • Dispo : 2M / 1F (Total Part 3)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99




Gualandi Mission for the Deaf is an independent entity and was duly registered as a non-profit organization at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April 27 2005. Though it is an independent organization in its management and administration from the Gualandi Mission for the Deaf; it remained still as its Volunteering Program. GVSP is a member of Volunteer Organizations Information Coordination and Exchange, Inc. (VOICE Network) and Organization of Rehabilitation Agencies, Inc. (ORA). It´s main aims are: To enable the Deaf to grow and develops as independent, integrated, fully human and empowered citizens in the hearing society and in the Church through volunteering efforts. To train and form volunteers with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to become competent and creative people; who are open to change; having a deep sense of justice and faith expressed in their concern and commitment to the service of the disadvantaged especially the Deaf. Deepen her/his acceptance of self and others and to develop the inner freedom to make a responsible commitment as volunteers. Develop his/her being as a person for others in relationships with the Deaf, fellow volunteers and people in general. Deepen the volunteers desire to serve and love unconditionally so as to intensify her/his appreciation and exercise of her/his volunteer involvement especially with the Deaf. Provide a support system and continuing education for volunteers. Main Activities Managing Deaf Ministries. Deaf Community Organizing. Capacity building of Deaf Organizations. Deaf Rights Advocacy. Deaf Education (formal, non-formal and catechism/religion). FSL Interpreters of the Deaf. Liturgical Activities for the Deaf. Facilitators, logistics, coordinators for seminars, workshops, retreats and recollections and Deaf camps. Volunteer tasks Assist the trainers/facilitators in volunteer preparation activities. Assist the capacity building programs and activities. Assist the staff in the daily office work like development of promotional materials like print, audio and video presentations. Assist volunteer related advocacy campaigns in schools, communities, institutions and other events. Assist other relevant activities of the organization. Mingle with the children/volunteers and other clients/partners without prejudice and to share also his/her experiences from the country where s/he came from.


The volunteer will live with a host family that will provide lodge and board.


Main Office: Cebu City, Cebu (Central Visayas Region) Other Areas of Operations: Baguio City (Northern Luzon), Tagbilaran City, Bohol (Central Visayas Region), Davao City (Southern Mindanao Region) The GVSP Office and its partner areas are conveniently located near town/city centres. Public transportations are also readily available to visit department stores/malls, hospitals, schools, historical and cultural landmarks and other leisure areas. Cebu City is located on the central eastern part of Cebu Province, an island at the center of the Visayas in Southern Philippines. It is a highly-urbanized city. The population reached 799,762 people in 2007. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cebu_City


Committed and dedicated Willing to be an agent for change Willing to learn and unlearn things Willing to make a difference in the Deaf community Competence and creativity Sense of Community Have a bigger heart for the disadvantaged/less privileged Flexible, open-minded and able to adopt the local situation Independent and requires less supervision Innovative, industrious, adventurous and fun loving Sense of justice and faith Will commit fulltime work while in country. — EXTRA FEE : 350€ for 4 weeks, 75 € for each extra week ; stay is 4 to 16 weeks (maximum), open all year, arrival date is free.

The Global Initiative for Exchange and Development Inc. (GIED) was established in 2015 with the primary aim to promote various meaningful collaborations in building local communities and empowering people to be partners in nation building. New breed but experienced social development professionals actively involved in different social development efforts in the Philippines and abroad conceptualized GIED. These social development professionals are armed with the professional background and passion to offer quality services to more communities in the country. Together, they pool more than a decade of experience in community development initiatives focusing on the most vulnerable sectors, children, youth, women, indigenous people, persons with disabilities among others. As a non-government and non-profit organization in the Philippines, GIED also seeks to establish its own relevance as it responds to the Philippines’ important national social policy frameworks and plans for sustainable human development. It is with this mindset that GIED’s advocacy on participation, empowerment, and development are emphasized to realize its vision on community development and global citizenship work. GIED aims to empower people-to-people connectivity through cross-cultural interaction and immersion within and across nations, international voluntary service and dynamic cooperation. It primarily focus its programs and services on social issues like access to education, health services, environmental sustainability, employment and livelihood opportunities as well as social exclusion. It also offers to serve the general public, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

GIED is an associate member of Network for Voluntary Development in Asia (NVDA), an official partner of the International Cultural Youth Exchange Federation (ICYE) and guest organization with Alliance of European Service Organizations. It is also a registered Youth Serving Organization of the National Youth Commission and a Resource Agency under the Department of Social Welfare and Development of the Philippine Government.
Website: www.volunteergied.org

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