Projet Permanent
Udine , Italie


  • permanent
  • DISA
  • AFSAI-01
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 200.00 EUR
Frais supp : 700.00 EUR


hosted in a family, minimum stay is 4 weeks (700 €), each extra week is 100€. Duration of stay : 4 to 16 weeks. Basic level of Italian knowledge required

  • Code : AFSAI-01
  • Dispo : 1M / 2F (Total Part 3)
  • Langue du Projet : ITA / ITA
  • Age : 18 - 99




A.N.Fa.MI.V has been founded in 1984 as the Association of the Families of Minors with visual problems. Since 2008 it has become the National Association of Visual Impaired. The Association was created with the aim to support families who have children with visual problems, in order to help them in their education and self development. Nowadays the Association supports not only the families but also young and adult blind people. — In A.N.Fa.MI.V the volunteers will be involved in different kind of services offered by the organization: ? Support for the families of visually disabled people, also people with multi-disabilities (which can include mental ones), under and over 18 years of age; ? “Centro Didattico Pre-Professionale” for youth and/or adults with multi-disabilities (that could be mental too). It is a laboratory where the users can practice their skills, learn new ones, and feel a part of the working society; ? “Centro di Sostegno Parascolastico” where students are helped with their homework, plus any rehabilitation support is offered in order to let the young move towards an higher grade of independence; ? Educazione della manualità”: domestic economy; manual work; ? “Tempo Libero” (Free Time): sport activities with no competitiveness, as swimming, bicycle, ski touring, guided tours, music; ? Training Activities for teachers, social workers and families: courses on special topics concerning blindness and disabilities, especially the Braille (in writing and in reading), Orienteering, ? Mobility and Practical Life: ? Different activities on Sundays, visits to certain cities, manual works. Each one of the hosts has a specific program for him/herself to his particular needs. A.N.Fa.MI.V usually asks the volunteer to co-operate in the “Centro Didattico” and in the “Laboratorio Protetto” in order to support, together with the professional staff, the disabled people. During the time when the school holidays are, the trainee is asked to help out in the residential and supporting activities, mainly as a helper either in the community or rehabilitation activities. Activities, either at the “Centro Didattico PreProfessionale” and at the “Laboratorio protetto”, start at 9.00h am with the pickup of the disabled from their homes, or from the bus or rail station, and finish at about 5.00h pm. when the disabled are taken back home. Lunch and recreation time is included. The volunteer helps the guests, according to their own needs. Support is alternatively offered to all the guests, in order to not create a dependence between the volunteer and one particular host, which could make the departure of the volunteer more painful for both of them. The “Centro di Sostegno Parascolastico” works mainly in the afternoon, often the volunteer helps the disabled as a support for their homework.


Volunteers will be hosted in a family, in a single or double room; as for the residential and the summer activities for short period of time, the accommodation will depend on the structure where those activities will be held. The accommodation in this case will be the same as the social workers and other volunteers.


A.N.Fa.MI.V is settled in Udine, in the region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, in Norh-East of Italy. The city has got 100.000 inhabitants and it is surrounded by hills and mountains, 120 metres above sea level. The beaches of the Adriatic Sea are just 40 km far. Udine has some coffee shops, bars, shops. A bit outside, there are some clubs. During the summer, some festivals are organized in the villages around Udine. Italy?s northeastern corner is barely mentioned in most guidebooks and rarely visited even by Italians, however Friuli-Venezia Giulia is one of Italy?s most versatile regions. You can find snow-capped mountains, warm sandy beaches, lagoons teeming with water birds, remote alpine hamlets, Roman ruins, palatial country villas, rocky coastal cliffs.


Volunteers will work 35 hours per week for all projects, usually 7 hours a day. The volunteering shifts might vary according to hosting project needs. Week-ends (Saturdays and Sundays) are usually free, but full board is always provided also on volunteers free days. If the participant is asked to volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays s/he can have 2 free days the following week. — GENERAL VOLUNTEER PROFILE Our placements are open to all volunteers over 18 years old. Volunteers are required to be adaptable and flexible people. They may join a group of workers and volunteers comprised of people from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. Everyone involved in the project live in as a community. One of the main goals of our project is to become aware and open to different ways of living and thinking. Volunteers need to be able to partake in teamwork, but personal motivation, maturity and responsibility are also important. STARTING DATES Volunteers can arrive any day from Monday to Friday (possibly from 9 am till 8pm) except on Italian national holidays. — hosted in a family, minimum stay is 4 weeks (700 €), each extra week is 100€. Duration of stay : 4 to 16 weeks. Basic level of Italian knowledge required.

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