17.Jul - 30.Jul 2018
Khandgait , Mongolie


  • chantiers 1-3 semaines
  • KIDS
  • CULT
  • MCE/07
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 150.00 EUR
Frais supp : 250.00 USD


The additional fee of 250 USD (or equivalent amount of MNT or Euro by current rate of Mongolian bank) should be paid on your arrival directly Lisez les informations spécifiques

  • Code : MCE/07
  • Dispo : 7M / 8F (Total Part 15)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 99


Before 1990, Mongolia had many kids summer camps where the kids live/learn in the nature during the their summer holiday. Staying in city during the summer time is very boring for the kids. Recently due to the financial situation it become difficult to run summer camp. Now only few kids summer camps are still running their activity. Last few years we run the kids camp workcamp at the one of the kids camp at Khandgait. Our workcamp there were successful and since 2013 Mongolian workCamps Exchange (MCE) decided to create new Kids camp for the kids who live far from city because most of the kids camps are for the kids who live in big cities. But we wish that even kids who not live in cities should have a chance to stay at kids camp. Since May of 2013 our organization started to build kids camp for kids who live in local area of Altanbulag sub-province. So volunteers will help to run summer camp. To organize many kind of activity with kids and help to take care kids etc.


We will organize English lesson and many kind of cultural and sport activity with kids. Also we will do some construction work to improve the kids camp. Also, some actions of Greening Asia (Asian action to protect forests) and Bracelet project (Asian action to decrease kids prostitution) may be organized. STUDY : The future plan of international workcamps in Mongolia and the kid’s summer camp EXTRA ACTIVITIES : Cultural exchange program, excursions, etc.


Summer camp house. SB! CV


40 km far from Ulaanbaatar, Place name is Khandgait. Beautiful mountain area. Terminal : Ulaanbaatar, Chinggis Khaan International airport or International train station of Ulaanbaatar


Special skills working with kids are not necessary, but still welcome. To like kids and be flexible/ adaptable. Mongolian speakers are welcome! The additional fee of 250 USD (or equivalent amount of MNT or Euro by current rate of Mongolian bank) should be paid on your arrival directly. For all the workcamps in Mongolia, we will manage pick up service by request of volunteers from/to airport or train station. Also we will provide free transportation to/from workcamp site for the first and last day of the workcamp.

Partner of ALLIANCE, SCI and YAP

1)Brief History
When: MCE was established on January 11th, 2001 by an individual who had participated in the
3rd Training &Networking Workcamp of NVDA in Vietnam.
Why: Before 2000, there were no workcamp organizations or international voluntary service in
Mongolia. However, there was much need for international voluntary projects to improve a
Mongolian society. Through practical work projects, MCE hopes to encourage public awareness
of Mongolia’s social problems and promote local actions.

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