23.Jul - 30.Jul 2018
Oeiras , Portugal


  • Training
  • PRO_A/2018-1
Age minimum : 18
Frais d’inscription : 100.00 EUR


Projet européen, avec le soutien du programme ERASMUS+, frais de transport partiellement remboursés

  • Code : PRO_A/2018-1
  • Dispo : 16M / 16F (Total Part 32)
  • Langue du Projet : ENG / ENG
  • Age : 18 - 40


ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil was founded in 2001 is based in Porto Salvo, Oeiras, and carries out activities with children, young people, elderly people, and handicapped people, mainly in Oeiras Municipality. Most of the activities with children and young people take place during the school breaks, such as sport tournaments, National and International exchanges, and entertaining and cultural activities; and after school, as educational support. We try to help these young people to develop life skills, to be more independent. Along the year we have several projects with elder people, as summer camps, Cultural Trips, New Year party, and balls. In 2003, we started to work with Youth Program, and we took part in youth exchanges and in several training courses and seminars around Europe . Today ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil has more than 9000 members, and gives special attention to needy people, and those with less opportunities. And aims to give people the chance to establish contact with other cultures, in order to help them to find ways to deal with their own problems and to break the existing prejudices.


Change Places, Change Lives" is a training course designed to explain and develop deeper understanding about migration in nowadays world. The last years has shown the world how big the phenomena actually is and that there?s a big lack of knowledge among youth workers. Migration is a crucial interest to young people whether they come from countries affected by in-migration or those suffering the consequences of emigration. Knowledge of migration processes, the causes and consequences of migration and rights of young migrants are relevant to young people’s needs particularly if they are likely to become migrants or participants of mobility schemes or if their home communities are affected by migration. Competences in addressing migration in youth work are essential for building community cohesion in those countries. TC is designed to confront the challenges and opportunities related to migration in Europe. By using different non-formal methods, causes and effects of migration will be analyzed. All aspects will be supported by the latest findings and developments around migration, pointing to various facets of migration: the main roads, the highways of migration, both in geographical terms and concepts, causes and effects of brain drain, labor migration, study and experience, migration driven by poverty and infringement of fundamental and social rights. Aim Through a structured program of activities, this TC aims to develop methods and resources to work closely


Youth house, food is provided




ProAtlântico will reimburse travel costs, during the youth exchange according to the new ERASMUS + rules: ProAtlântico will reimburse travel costs, during the youth exchange according to the new ERASMUS + rules: France – 275,00 € maxi. The amounts are per participant and include all the travel expenses (including in Portugal to get in Casa Europa). — Partners of the project : 32 participants in total (including trainers / staff) from the following countries (2 participants per nationality) : Portugal, France, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Spain and Turkey. Participants’ requirements : This training course is for youth workers, who are actively working with young people as a professional or on the voluntary basis and should have an active attitude! Participants must be over 18 years old and there is no age limit. Working language is English.

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